25 April, 2011
Hi, this is Gavin Vickers from Australia giving a dispatch for the SummitClimb Everest/Lhotse expedition for 25 April. There are beautiful blue skies up here at the bottom of the Lhotse face. Today we climbed 350 vertical metres towards camp 3. It was a nice climb until a snow storm blew in and we turned around and headed back to camp 2. Today was Anzac Day in Australia, a remembrance day to all of the soldiers serving in the armed forces. It was a great day and we ended it with a delicious meal. Thanks for listening. Bye, bye.

24 April, 2011
Today was a very special day for two reasons. One of the reasons is it was Easter Sunday and we all got woken up early by Gavin doing a fantastic impression of the Easter Bunny and brining  chocolate eggs to all of our tents. We were all delighted by that. It was also a special day because it's my 30th birthday. I can't tell you how great it is to spend my 30th up here at camp 2 on this Everest trip. We had a really nice day, spending it acclimatizing around camp. We helped the sherpas build a platform for our dining tent and had some nice food. Tonight we had a really nice meal and I even had a chocolate cake covered in pineapple. I got a nice hat with my name knitted on it, although there was a spelling mistake which I think kind of made it nicer. The rest of the team all got together and gave me presents. I got some foot warmers, jelly energy beans, and some chocolates so it was kind of perfect. The weather has been really good. It's actually been amazing for the whole trip. We've had lots of sunshine, not too much wind and it's been kind of quite stable. There has been a little bit of snow, which has been nice and makes everywhere look clean. We've also been meeting some famous people, some quite cool people. literally. Today Kenton Cool stopped by our camp and had a cup of tea. He was with a French gentleman named Sebastian who was also really nice and stopped by for some tea. Yesterday we met Dave Hall, who is up here with a 16 year old American girl. We think she is attempting to be the youngest female to climb Everest. Then, bizarrely, while we were standing around drinking tea today we saw the pope. Or at least somebody dressed as the pope. We were all at camp and this guy with a TV crew appeared dressed as the pope, so that was quite funny. I think that's about all. I had a brilliant birthday. I'd like to say hi to everyone at home, tell you I've had an amazing day and when I get back to basecamp I'll get in touch with you all. The whole team is doing really well. We're all happy because it's Easter Sunday and we've all had Easter eggs. The next few days we're going to start some more acclimatization and maybe head up the Lhotse Face and get to camp 3, but we'll see how it goes. That's all for now. I'll call in again soon. Bye.