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  Summitclimb Everest Tibet Expedition 2011: Several Updates

12 April, 2011:
Today our yaks arrived in base camp to bring our loads to Advanced Base Camp. First all individual loads had to be weight, more than 150 pieces of kitchen equipment, food, climbing gear and personal gear from members and staff. A total weight of 2400kg! Then the argument started of which yak is going to carry which load and so on.... This took a couple hours, but eventually all yaks left base camp together with our climbing Sherpa's and some of our kitchen staff. They will prepare interim camp at 5800m and Advanced Base Camp at 6400m for us. All members and I will move up the mountain to interim tomorrow, where we will stay here two nights. Then we move to Advance Base Camp at 6400m. We have to move slowly to give our bodies time to get used to the high altitude. The early stage of acclimatization is crucial, it's like a foundation of a building...if this is strong and solid you can build whatever you want on top! Last night we watched another movie in Base Camp, my small projector seems to be a big hit!This is it for now, more news from interim camp. Arnold Coster, expedition leader

11 April, 2011:
Tomorrow we expect our yaks to carry our expedition gear to interim camp at about 5800m, then the following day they will move on to advanced basecamp at 6400m. We will be one day behind the yaks and some of our staff, so we will not be in their way preparing the camps for us. We will leave for interim on the 13th, stay there for two nights and then move on to ABC. Below is a dispatch written by Dom, cheers Arnold Coster exp. leader....

Hello from  Everest Base Camp Tibet at 5200 metres. It's Dom here writing the latest report on the teams activities. We have been in Base Camp a couple of days now after our dash across the Tibetan plateau from the town of Tingri. We are all now trying to fall into expedition life at Base Camp, setting up our tents to make them as comfortable as possible with blankets and plenty of snack food from home. The food is great with our head chef putting together some great dishes and even making an effort for the two vegetarians in the group! The group is getting on well and with Everest directly in front of us it focuses the mind of the task that lies ahead. We walked down to the monastery today where a Lama gave us the blessing for the climb, everyone left feeling that it was a positive experience. Arnold has managed to set up a projector from his laptop so last night we were watching movies on the big screen! I did not think that I would be doing that at basecamp, but it's a great way to pass the time and hang out together. We move on up the mountain the day after tomorrow to Interim Camp where it will no doubt be a lot colder, as on Franks thermometer it registered -21
degrees centigrade last night! I'll leave it there for now as I have to pack my things to be sent up to Advanced Base Camp. Just to let you all know that we are having a few issues with sending general emails at the moment so hopefully it will be sorted out soon, something to do with the solar panels. This is Dom signing out from a windy base camp in Tibet.

9 April, 2011:
After an early start we arrived in base camp today at around 5200m. We took an off road shortcut from Tingri. This road zig zags through the mountains behind Tingri and finally ends up in Everest Base camp. This is a really remote area with only a few small villages, but to our surprise all of a sudden a couple Tibetan men on horseback showed up! The people look wild; they look like some warriors from the Ghengis Khan era. They wear big yak fur clothing with nice decoration on their heads. After passing the Rongbuk Monastery we got a full view of Everest or Chomolungma as people call her here. Our kitchen staff, which came from Lhasa yesterday, already pitched all the tents and quickly served us a delicious meal. Samdien our cook really knows what we need! In base camp we have a full kitchen setup, a dining/leisure tent, each member has his own personal tent and there is a tent to shower and a toilet tent. The next couple off day we will spend relaxing and making small day hikes to get used to our new elevation. Also we will visit the " Lama" a Buddhist priest in the monastery to get his blessing for our expedition. We probably will move up to in trim camp on the 13th of April, this will be the next step up in our approach of Chomolungma.

8 April, 2011:
After an early start in Kathmandu we crossed the border easy at Zhangmu. The TMA (Tibet Mountaineering Association) arranged three nice Land cruisers and a truck for us. After a delicious meal at their Base camp restaurant they drove us straight to Tingri at around 4400m. The journey through the narrow canyon to Nyalam is very beautiful, doesn't matter how many times I drive this. Then all of a sudden the canyon stops and you are in Nylam where the Tibetan plateau starts. Here it looks like you are on a different planet, there is hardly any vegetation, but still the Tibetans manage to grow potatoes and Barley somehow. The colors in the earth are fascinating and the snow covered peaks in the distance make it even more spectacular! We arrived in Tingri late in the evening, where another nice Chinese meal was waiting for us. Today we are just relaxing wandering into town and enjoying the views. Our cook Samdien should arrive today in Base camp with our supplies from Lhasa and we are all looking forward to meeting him tomorrow afternoon. So tomorrow we will be at the foot of the mountain, the next couple of days we will spend hanging around in camp, making our " new home" as cozy as possible. It's also possible to make small hikes to explore the way to the next camp..This is it for now,

Arnold Coster, Expedition Leader



Everest expeditions commence 29-Mar-11

29 March, 2011

Today is the first day of our spring climbing and walking season. We are in Kathmandu and all of the members are arriving. Tomorrow is the big team briefing at the Kohinoor Hotel. It has been raining here in Kathmandu, which is good as it keeps the dust down and puts water into the reservoirs. If all goes well, we plan to fly to Lukla on 31 March. Please wish us luck. Thanks for following our expedition teams in Nepal and Tibet!

Team Rosters:

Everest Tibet -

    * Arnold Coster - Netherlands (leader)
    * Scott Patch - US (leader-in-training)
    * Eric Platenberg - US (leader-in-training)
    * Edward Buckingham - UK
    * Frank Irnich - Germany
    * Biff Palmer - US
    * Dominique Pickett - UK
    * Mark Quinn - Ireland

North Col: 29 March to 25 April -

    * Stephen Wilson -US

Everest Nepal -

    * Dan Mazur - UK/US (Leader)
    * Ms. Squash Falconer - UK
    * Ms. Paula Leonard - US
    * Stewart Edge - UK
    * Mitch Lewis - US

Lhotse -

    * Gavin Vickers - Australia (Leader)
    * Alex Holt - UK

Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal -

    * Ms. Alyn Caulk - US
    * Ms. Beccy Cresswell - UK
    * Robert Cresswell - UK
    * Ms. Melanie Plant - Australia
    * Ms. Linda Hardwood - Australia
    * Christoper Howard - US
    * Ms. Norissa Howard - US
    * Peter Swan - Australia
    * Daniel Wilde - Australia

Everest Tibet Staff -

    * Ang Babu Sherpa
    * Tenji Sherpa
    * Lhakpa Sherpa
    * Gyalje Sherpa

Everest and Lhotse Staff -

Climbing Sherpas -

    * Jangbu Sherpa
    * Thile Nuru Sherpa
    * Lakpa Nuru Sherpa
    * Sange Sherpa
    * Pasang Sherpa
    * Lakpa Tendu Sherpa

Nepal Trekking Staff -

    * Kaji Tamang - sirdar as well trekking guide
    * Deha Shrestha - assistant trek leader

Nepal Kitchen staff -

    * Jay Bahadur - cook
    * Dorje Sherpa- kitchen boy
    * Sange Sherpa - trekking cook as well kitchen boy


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