17 April, 2011:

Ed Buckingham Tibet Member, aiming to become the first Cornishman too climb Everest. I was fortunate too climb with Arnold Coster in 2005 on Cho oyu. This is our third day at ABC. Today we got too wear our high altitude boots, crampons, ice-axe and harnesses. We went down onto some nearby ice-fall. The point of the exercises was too learn some techniques that could be used higher up the mountain. We practiced climbing up with the jumar and ice-axe. Once getting to the top we rappelled down on a nearby line. Once we had all done that an obstacle in the form of a knot was put halfway up the rope. This time we climbed up and after putting safety and jumar above the knot, put a figure of eight in and rappelled back down the line. We are all doing reasonably well though coughing a bit from this mornings exercise. ABC camp is beautiful with a good view of the North Col and the top of Everest. A few groups are moving in today but it is not over crowded. On a personal note I am enjoying moving up the mountain slowly, slowly and am looking forward too climbing up to the North Col and higher. The group seems well mixed and get along pretty well. I would just like too say a big hello to Dad, Mum, Chris, Becs ,Mia  and Jessica. Much Love, Everest Ed

16 April, 2011:

This is Biff Palmer providing the update for the Everest Tibet climb. Yesterday the team climbed from the interim camp at 19000 feet to the advanced base camp at 21000 feet.  Today is a rest day so as to continue the acclimatization process. In this regard our bodies have been challenged with a progressive reduction in the amount of inspired Oxygen. Some of the changes that have occurred include a reduction in plasma volume resulting in concentration of circulating hemoglobin. This hemoconcentrating affect along with increased hemoglobin production result in an increase oxygen carrying capacity. In addition our red blood cells have an increased affinity for oxygen. In future updates I can continue to comment on the physiologic changes that occur with sojourn to altitude. At the current time all members are healthy and strong. The team has been playing a card game each night called UNO. I have held my own in this intense competition. I am anxiously awaiting some cokes and sprite to thaw to so as to enjoy some flavors of home. I wish to conclude by sending my love to my daughter Kelly and my son Robert. I love and miss them both very much.