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 Nasuh Mahruki

Reached the summit of Everest on May 17th, 1995
Everest Summit Picture. Click on!


Date of birth/place: May 21,1968/Istanbul

Nationality: Turkish

Nasuh has reached the Summits of Everest, K2, Lhotse, Cho Oyu along with the 7 Summits.
I am a professional mountain climber, writer, photographer and documentary producer. I travel a lot to collect data for my books and documentaries. I am one of the founders and at the moment, the president of AKUT Arama Kurtarma Dernegi – a voluntary Search and Rescue Society based in Istanbul. 

ACTIVITIES Mountaineering, climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, sailing, caving, off-road, motorbike, cycling.


- President, Bilkent University, Nature Sports Society, DOST, 1989-92

- Founder (1996) and President, AKUT [1] Search and Rescue Society, 1998-99

- For 2000 - 2001 president of AKUT


(i) Climbs:

1. Little Demirkazik West face climb (3425m.), Nigde Turkey, July 1991

2. Five climbs on Terskey Ala Too mountains: Uglawaya (3900m.), Peak Studentin (4202m.), Brigandina-Albatros traverse (4800-4740m.), Cigid (5170m.),Kazakhstan, July 1991

3. First Turkish ascent of Peak Khan Tengri (7010m.), Kyrgyzstan, August 1992 [2]

4.Great Demirkazik North Face climb (3756m.), Nigde Turkey, September 1992

5. Winter ascent of Mt. Elbruz (5621m.), Caucasus, February 1993[3]

6. Peak Lenin (7134m.), Kyrgyzstan, July 1993

7. First Turkish ascent of Vaja Psavela (6912m.), Kyrgyzstan, August 1993

8. First Turkish ascent of Peak of Four (6299m.), Kyrgyzstan, July 1994

9. First Turkish ascent of Korjenevskoy (7105m.), Tajikistan, July 1994

10. Peak Communism (7495m.), Tajikistan, July 1994

11.   Solo and First Turkish ascent of Peak Pobeda (7439m.), Kyrgyzstan, August 1994 [4]

12.   First Turkish winter ascent of Mount Demavand.(5671m.) Iran December 1994

13.   Erciyes (3916m.), North Icefall winter ascent, Kayseri, February 1995 

14.   Completed the “Seven Summits” project of climbing the highest peaks of each of the continents, November 1996:[5] The mountains are;

i) Mt. Everest (8848m.), Tibet, Asia, May 1995

ii) Aconcagua (6959m.), Argentina, South America, November 1995

iii) Vinson (4897m.), Antarctica, December 1995

iv) Mc. Kinley (6194m.), Alaska, North America, January 1996

v) Kilimanjaro ( 5895m.), Tanzania, Africa, August 1996

vi) Elbrus (5642m.) Caucauses, Europe, August 1996

vii) Kosciusko (2228m.) Australia, November 1996

15.  Great Demirkazık (3756m.), Peck Route first winter ascent, Nigde, Turkey, December 1996.

16.  Guzeller (3461m.), North Face first winter ascent, Nigde, Turkey, February 1997.

16. Solo ascent of Cho Oyu (8201m.), Tibet, 6th highest mountain of the world. The highest solo ascent by a climber from Turkey.  September 1997, w/o oxygen.

17. Lhotse (8516m.), 4th highest mountain of the world. West Face, Nepal, May 1998, The highest Oxygen-less ascent by a climber from Turkey.

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18. Attempted Manaslu (8163m.) Nepal October 1998.

19. Mount Agri (Ararat) (5137m.) Turkey November 1999

20. Winter ascent of Mount Damavand (5671m.) Iran January 2000

21. Winter ascent of Mount Agri (Ararat) (5137m.) Turkey February 2000

22. First Turkish ascent of extremely dangerous and difficult K2 (8611m.) Pakistan July 2000 Second highest Mountain in the World, The highest Oxygenless ascent by any climber from Turkey.

(ii) Other accomplishments:

- First Turkish paragliding flight of Mt. Erciyes (3901m), Kayseri Turkey, June 1991; Highest paragliding flight of Turkey at the time.

- Underwater researches of Altinbesik and Kirkgozler caves with ODTU SAT MADAG (Cave Diving Group of METU), Antalya Turkey, October 1992.

- Took part in the Camel Trophy in Kalimantan as one of the two members of the Turkish team, April 1996. 2nd place on Team Spirit Award and 4th overall.

-  Underwater researches of Kırkgoz, Finike Incirli caves and Dudenbasi waterfall with SAD (Underwater Research Society), Antalya, Turkey, September 1996. 

Traveled across Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sikkim and back on motorcycle covering 21,000 km., August-November 1997.


(i) Books:

- Diary of an Alpinist (Yapi Kredi Press, July 1995)

- First Turk on Everest (Yapi Kredi Press, December 1995)

- In Search of a Dream (Yapi Kredi Press, December 1996)

- Roads of Asia, Himalayas, and Beyond (Yapi Kredi Press, September 1999)

- Preparing a new book at the moment

(ii) Articles/Reports/Presentations:

- Published the magazine DOST, 1ST AND 2ND Issues, magazine of the Nature Sports Society of Bilkent University, 1991 - 1992

- Many articles on GEZI, GLOBE, SKYLIFE, DOGA VE GEZI etc. magazines and newspapers.


- Sisli Terakki Lisesi, Istanbul Turkey, junior high and high school diploma (1981/1987)

- B.A., Bilkent University, Faculty of Management, Ankara Turkey, (1987-1992)


- Amateur Sailor Qualification course, Istanbul, 1987

- Parachute course, Ankara, Turkey, 1989

-  Scuba diving course, Cubuklu Military Divers School, Istanbul 1990

-   Paragliding course, Istanbul, 1991

-   PADI Medic First Aid course, Ankara, 1992

- PADI Rescue Diver course, Ankara, 1992

-   Many courses on Navigation, Search and Rescue Techniques, First Aid, Amateur Radio

Communication, Off-Road, Advanced Driving and Tour Skiing.


-  Awarded the title “Best Climber of Turkey” and was nominated as a candidate for the “Best      

-  Sportsman of Turkey”, 1992 and 1994. (No elections in 1993)

Awarded the title “Snow Leopard” by the Russian Mountaineering Federation after completing the ascents of 5 seven thousand meter peaks of the CIS, August 1994. At that time there were overall 214 climbers who were awarded with that title of which 3 were Western climbers.

- Became the first Turkish and Muslim climber in the world to climb Mt Everest, May 1995.

- Completed the “Seven Summits” project as being the youngest climber after climbing the highest peaks of each continent, November 1996. 

- Awarded by many Official Organizations, Clubs, and Societies.


1. Organized motivation speeches 

2. Prepared many presentations and slide shows at Universities, Schools, Clubs and Societies.

3. Produced Everest, Seven Summits, Lhotse, Manaslu and Overland Asia on a Motorbike documentaries. 

4. Produced the documentary called “Gezgin” on Channel 9.

5. Currently presenting the AXN Extreme Sports Documentary on Show TV.

6. Currently writing weekly articles on Hurriyet Newspaper.

7. Worked in many Search and Rescue operations throughout Turkey and abroad both in Outdoor Accidents and Natural Disasters.

8. Produced K2 documentary.

[1] AKUT is a non-profit, voluntary organization with 200 members. It is a search and rescue organization for mountaineering and other nature sports accidents and also for natural and other major disasters throughout Turkey.

[2] This climb has been the third Turkish seven thousand meters climb after a break of 7 years.

[3] Highest winter ascent of Turkey at the time.

[4] Peak Pobeda is expected to be one of the most dangerous and difficult seven thousanders of the world. This climb was the eighth solo ascent of the mountain, also the highest solo ascent of Turkey at the time.

[5] There were 44 climbers who have achieved this and I became the youngest.

Update: 2/2001, Nasuh just returned from India after digging people out of the earthquake rubble. Here are some pictures: Click on them. 
Click on these pictures and look close to see Nasuh. Amazing !

Update 6/22/2001: Nasuh Mahruki has obtained official permission for the 2001 Ararat Peace climb. Around 12 climbers, who have reached the Summit of Everest, will climb the North Side of Ararat which in modern history (the last 1000 years !) has not been open to foreign climbers except on very rare cases.

To support this vision of peace, please make a donation, via SHIVA charity. You can make a credit card donation by clicking HERE.

For more information on the Peace climb see here.

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