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  Vojvodinean expedition to K2: Updates

Copyright© Billy Pierson

3. 7. 2008.: There are not clouds over K2 this morning. But the wind is strong. When the sun rises over our tents, we started to C2. Advantage-carriers proceeded to C3. If the case of promising weather we will install C3 today.

2.7. 2008.- BC: One morning without snow finally. Temperature is -8 C˚. At 6.00 am we started to AC1 and arrived about 12.00 am. Our tent was covered by snow. We spend more than 1 hour of digging. But now we are snuggled in it. Advantage-carriers were calling by phone – they are in C2. In case of promising weather they will start to C3 and we will start to C2 tomorrow morning. In the afternoon-hours there were installed 200 m of fix-ropes on the way to C3.

1. 7. 2008. : This morning there is snow in BC again. We got promising forecast yesterday but it is not sunny day today. After breakfast we were going to K2 Memorial Place. There are memorial stones for those people who rested on K2. At 7.00 pm it starts to snow. At 10.00 pm sky was clear again and we have seen the first stars on it.

30. 6. 2008. - BC : It is snow here again.  It is windy and clouds are all around. We prepared oxygen masks and we are waiting for oxygen from Scardu.

Earlier: It is morning on 6.600 meters. We can not to C3 today. Sky is closed, all in clouds.

It is windy and snowy. We are starting to BC and we abandon ropes-installing for some others days. But it is OK with our stomachs.


27. 6. 2008.

It is dark in C2 (6.600 m). There are wind and snow. Three of our carriers and four Korean-Sherpa are with us. We were bad-luck today: pains are in our stomachs, one pad migrated down the rock and snow was starting on the way to C2. But the wind is not strong luckily.



27. 6. 2008.

Calm night in C1 (6.040 m). Some wind without snow. When the sun was up we started to C2. This morning carriers started with equipment from BC to C2. Tomorrow we will install the fix- ropes towards C3.



26. 6. 2008.

Early in the morning we were started to C1 and it was high-noon when we arrived. Next night we will here and tomorrow we are going to C2.



25. 6. 2008.


Early this morning our carriers removed 600 m fix-ropes and they will install C2. In the same time Korean team will install 400 m fix-ropes more to C2. We are in base camp. Today we are planning day of pause. Tomorrow it will be for carriers.

It is nice day in BC. We are reading your posts on our web site. Thank to all for good wishes and



24. 6. 2008.

We came back from  C1 to BC. It seems we are at home. There are smile-faces around and coffee.

And plenty of chatting. We and Korean team togeder installed 1.200 m  of fix-ropes. What this really mean? It means that we can reach C1 in only 5 to 7 hours. And descent to depot lasted 1,5 hour only.

Upsurge and descent was full of surprises. There were avalanche of stones on 5.400 m. We were awed and feel like we were in some kind of video-game. Stones more than 50 kg flitted over our heads.

DREN lay down and put his knapsack on his head. It was salvage for him because the biggest stone shoot over him.

PEDJA budged left-right to evasion the avalanche of stones and ISO sticked to the rock and waited.

We stayed in our tent to sleep and we feel so lonely in little tent on 6.050 m. All the night was snowy.

Tinned chicken and in the morning refresh us and our mood in the morning. After breakfast we made some photos out of tent. Than we affixed on the rope and came to Depot like in an elevator. From Depot to BC we came for 90 minutes. It was our record.



23. 6. 2008.

Early in the morning (5.oo am) we started to Depot from BC. Morning is clear but very cold – temperature is under -10˚C. We spend more than 2 hours to come on 5.150 m in Depot.  There were 6 members of Korean team who reach Depot yesterday. Together with them we proceeded installing 350 m of fix ropes to C1.

It is very awry, axles are in the rock but ascent is in snow. One avalanche of stones flitted over us but nobody was stricken. At 11.45 am we installed one of tent on 6.040 m. It is our C1. Korean team put their C1 near our tent. Today we will return to BC.



BC K2 – 22. 06. 2008.

It was good ended last night.

Communication-Officer of one of expedition near us got “something” in his lung. It was some kind of situation and we have descendent him in military camp on Concordia. He could not to walk and our carriers bring him on the barrow for 3 hours (to the half of way to military camp). After 3 hours officer stand to his own legs and proceed to his destination with escort. Carriers came back to BC in prime and they were sick and over strung. God bless them! They rescued one human life.

In the morning some of expeditions (Italians, Pakistan’s, Frances) gratitude to us.

Here in Himalaya repute sacrifice when someone changes his expedition-planes because of helping to someone who is not part of their own team. None of expedition – but our - are not permitted that their carriers waste themselves for helping to “some officer”.

One more day under snow. All of time in the camp. But we made full of things until today: we were very first this year in installing fix-ropes on scarps of K2. We made as we could.

But weather… No one day without snow!

We are satisfied that Mr. Kim Ye So (president of Korean climbing federation) said that we can install fix-ropes and climbing and summit together. We have good experience with Koreans (summit G1 & G2 last years) and it is good combination for us.


BC K2 – 21. 6. 2008.

Ultimately sun helps us to go out from the tent. K2 show itself in all of its beauty and proportion. It significant only one thing – we will go ABC.

After breakfast we started. Some pries for luck and success follow us.

To ABC we have over the Godvin Ostin glacier. Way is easy in the beginning, only creeks and stones. Some times after Godvin Ostin glacier shows his really structure -   Cracks and ice-bridges… Finally we arrived under Abruci Rock and stones flitted over us from the top of Abruci. We have to be very careful! Some steps uphill and we arrived on the little gritty flat with ice-towers around. It is ABC!

Korean team installed two tents for food and equipment but it is place for us too.

And than – surprise!

Our carriers suggested that we start with rope fixing to C1 immediately because weather is good and clear. We filled god on 5.300 m. and accepted.

Way to C1 goes aboard one big snowy mountainside and it is fresh streak of one avalanche. It was all the snow from days before today and it is comparatively safely for climbing.

In the beginning scarp is 30˚. Afterwards scarp is bigger and bigger … 45˚… 50˚… 55˚… Easier part we passed together. And than Hussein goes on the top of the rope to lead.

Terrain is easy, snow is good, and we are going after him without rope. Hussein “extricated” some 200 m. Than ISO and I required leading. Hussein said: “If you wish, you can go!”

Feeling was great!

On 5.600 m it was the end of ropes. Rest of ropes we will install some other day.

We started very firs and we hope the other expeditions will come after us.

In BC we arrived some minutes after 3.oo pm. Warm soup and warm words in the tent.

And than some shout outside. Pakistan’s connection-officer was ill – lung! We got him some of medicine and our carriers to escort him down.

I hope he will be safe soon.




Earlier: We arrived in Paiyu (3.500 m) and we have beautiful view on Baltoro glacier. Transportation across the Baltoro River valley outlasted 6 hours and passed without excesses but one of mules broke the leg. This pitiable animal will be at supper-table this evening, perhaps. And after that we will drink “Baltoro-deuce” (it means gold-colour water plenty of minerals from the creek which is skipping the dast of ambient).

Pedja says he like it. Withal, it is his birthdyu today and he can what he want. God bless him.



First hiking-day to BC (3140m). It was sunny and dusty.

We haven't any  problems with eider carriers or equipment. Everithing is in order and each thing is on its place.

Our Note-book battery is almost empty.

Best wishes to all.


ASKOLE, 10.06.08.

In 6 jeeps and all of equipment  we arrived to  Askole, the village on the end of the world,

marvelous place encircled by snow-peaks. Today we have had the last bathing for the 50 next days.

From tomorrow we will going across the river-valley and than Baltoro Glacier is waiting for us.

What are expecting from next 10 days? Only several things: 1. That transport to K2 BC prove in acclimation; 2. That we reach it ready for giant challenge; 3. That we enjoy bypass  great peaks which are alignment along our way like for some kind of parade.


ISLAMABAD, 06.06.08.

Alter arrival in Islamabad, on +48˚C (in the shadow) we went to Department of Tourism. It was some problems, of course. And we determined them, of course. Ambasy of Pakistan in Belgrade was very helpful, of course.

Tomorrow we will start to Skardu but we don’t know which transport. It is drivers-strike here.


Background and team information below:


2.6.2008. Day 01 Airort Belgrade, Serbia; Departure
3.6.2008. Day 02


4.6.2008. Day 03 Islamabad, Pakistan;
5.6.2008. Day 04 Islamabad, Pakistan;
6.6.2008. Day 05 Islamabad- Chilas (480 km)
7.6.2008. Day 06 Chilas - Skardu (275 km)
8.6.2008. Day 07 Skardu (2.340 m)
9.6.2008. Day 08 Skardu (2.340 m)
10.6.2008. Day 09 Skardu – Askole (3.050 m) - 96 km.
11.6.2008. Day 10 Transport to Jhola (3.240 m);
12.6.2008. Day 11 Transport to Paiyu (3.368 m);
13.6.2008. Day 12 Acclimation in Paiyu (3.368 m);
14.6.2008. Day 13 Transport to Khuburtze (3.800 m);
15.6.2008. Day 14 Transport to Urdukas (4.011 m);
16.6.2008. Day 15 Transport to Goro II (4.500 m);
17.6.2008. Day 16 Transport to Concordia (4.720 m);
18.6.2008. Day 17 Transport to BC K 2 (5.130 m);
19.6./2.8. Day 18/62 Upsurge to K - 2

C1 – 6.050 m

C 2 – 6.700 m

C 3 – 7.200 m

C 4 – od 7.600 m do 8.000 m;

3.8.2007. Day 63 BC – Goro II;
4.8.2008. Day 64 Goro II – Khuburtze;
5.8.2008. Day 65 Khuburtze – Chobraqk;
6.8.2008. Day 66 Chobraqk – Askole;
7.8.2008. Day 67 Skardu
8.8.2008. Day 68 Skardu


Day 69 Skadru
10.8.2008. Day 70 Skadru- Chilas
11.8.2008. Day 71 Chilas - Islamabad
12.8.2008. Day 72 Islamabad;
13.8.2008. Day 73 Islamabad;
14.8.2008. Day 74 Departure from Islamabad (8,30 h)
15.8.2008. Day 75 Dubai (7,30 h) – Belgrade(12,45 h)


ISO PLANIĆ – Born 5.9.1965.

Member of ŽPK “Spartak”, Subotica from 1994. 

Expeditions: Ararat – 2000; Elbrus – 2001; Akonkagva – 2004; Shisha Pangma – 2004; Maunt Everest - 2005; Gasherbrum 1&2 – 2006; Broad Peak  – 2007;


PREDRAG ZAGORAC – Born 12.6.1980. Member of PSD “Poštar”, Belgrade from 1990. 


Maunt Blanc – 2006; Grand Paradiso - 4065m, Maunt Blanc de Tekil 4248m, Aghi de Moine 3412m, Den de Zan 4013m; Broad Peak  – 2007;


DREN MANDIĆ – Born 13.12.1976. Member of ŽPK “Spartak”, Subotica from 2003.


Ararat - 2003; Elbrus - 2003; Broad Peak – 2007;



MIODRAG JOVOVIĆ - Born 1.5.1952. Member of PSD “Železničar”, Novi Sad.


Elbrus - 1996; Maunt Blanc - 1997; Island Peak– 1998; Barunce – 2003; Shisha Pangma - 2004; Maunt Everest - 2005; Gasherbrum 1&2– 2006;



MILIVOJ ERDELJAN - Born 21.9.1964. Member of PD “Zanatlija”, Novi Sad. 


Elbrus - 1989; Ararat - 2001; Uhuru Peak (Kilimanjaro-Tanzania) – 2002; Barunce – 2003; Shisha Pangma - 2004; Maunt Everest - 2005; Gasherbrum 1&2 – 2006; Broad Peak– 2007;




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