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Classified Ads

Please Read the Classified Ad Policies at the end.

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions Treks and Others

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions Treks and Others

Need trekking partner for our client 55 days trip to Pakistan, Starting first week of June,2004. One can either join whole trek Islamabad, Shah Jilali, Chillinji, Batura Glacier, Shimshal Pass and back to Islamabad or any of the trek separately.

Asghar Ali Porik

Managing Director

M/s Jasmine Tours

GPO Box 859, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Tel: 0092-51-5586823 Fax: 0092-51-5584566

email: jtours@apollo.net.pk

web: www.jasminetours.com

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions

Cayman Brac, The Cayman Breakers New Luxury Condo's located on the secluded east end where the towering 140ft.high bluff is your back drop! Rock climbing right out your back door!

Vacation rentals here at the Cayman Breakers Condominiums, where rock climbing is right out your back door! 140.ft towering bluff is your back drop, we are on the ocean front, Seaside units, brand new, luxury, central air, two bedroom, two bath, non smoking units, with all the amenities you could want/need. Each unit comes with all the rock climbing information in a each booklet with maps, phone numbers of the islands climbers that can show you where the routes are! New bolts and pins, come and see our web site! http://www.caymanbreakers.com 

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions Treks and Others

Welcome to Jasmine Tours – Pakistan

We offer 1215 mountains and more then 33 Trek in Karakoram, Himalayan and Hindu Raj’s mountain ranges of Pakistan.


K2 base camp GONDOGORO Pass Trek

27th June, 11th July, 1st, 15th and 29th August 2004

23 days Islamabad to back Islamabad

US Dollars 1995 per person all-inclusive

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/k2.html


Nanga Parbat Trek

18 days Islamabad to back Islamabad

US dollars 1755 per person and Euro 1895 per person all-inclusive

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/nanga.html



K2 – Chogori 8611 meters Expedition

Abruzzi Ridge, 6th of June 2004

65 days, ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climb

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/k2_02.html


Broad Peak 8047 meters Expedition

Normal route, 13th June 2004

65 days, ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climb

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/broad_peak.html


Gasherbrum II 8035 meters Expedition

Normal route, 20th June 2004

55 days, ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climb

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/GII.html


Sapang-Tik 7027 meters Expedition

South East-Normal route, 4th July 2004

37 days, ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climb

Please visit for further detail at http://www.jasminetours.com/spantik_peak.html

There are many more programs to mention, please visit www.jasminetours.com

Looking forward to welcome you in Pakistan

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions Treks and Others

Commercial Classified Ads: Expeditions Treks and Others


Personal Ads

Personal Classified Ad:

Experienced climber seeks partners for Denali West Buttress spring 2001.  Available dates 5 MAY-8 JUN 2001.  North Carolina USA locals preferred for prep trips and compatibility but all qualified are invited.   Call Brian Coppersmith to arrange interview.  USA--(336)-758-5446 or (336) 723-5241 or email copperbk@wfu.edu 

Seeking goose down parka and bibs or one-piece for Denali trip in Spring 2001, size XL.  Fethered Friends Ice Fall, Marmot 8000m, Mtn Hdware Absolute Zero, North Face Baltoro or similar.  Call Brian at USA--(336) 758-5446 or (336) 723-5241 email at copperbk@wfu.edu 

Personal Classified Ad:

Wanted: Expedition Parka

Parka such as Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero; excellent condition; size large. 

If you have a parka to sell, please email me at cburd@redgiant.org.

Personal Classified Ad:

I'm trying to connect with the Welsh Civil Engineer I met on a plane in Chile this Christmas. After sailing round the world, I'd like to climb the big mountain with you! Get in touch at lynnetodd@hotmail.com 

Personal Classified Ad:

NEC/Comsat Planet 1 Satellite phone for sale.  Used several months at Everest BC and ABC in Tibet in 1999.  Includes AC charger, DC charger, lithium battery, and misc cables and equipment.  $1700.00.  

Sold with my classified ad on EverestNews.com !!

Personal Classified Ad:

Personal Classified Ad:

Looking for climbers to endorse nonprofit organization: I-SAFE America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that a child's experience on the Internet is safe, educational, and fun.  The Internet brings young people unparalleled learning opportunities.  They follow you, for example, as you set out on your adventures to the top of the world.  We are committed to teaching children how to use the Internet with confidence, responsible behavior, and to become "StreetSmart Cyber Citizens".  That's why I-SAFE has implemented the first Internet Safety Education Program throughout school districts, nationwide. 

I-SAFE needs your help.  Please consider helping to inform the public that there is an organization that helps parents, schools, and community organizations teach their children to steer clear of harm while on the Internet.  To set out on your next expedition with an endorsement of our organization would attract the public and media attention we need to spread the word.  As people learn about your amazing travels, they will also learn about  our proactive education programs. By working together the Internet will become source of immeasurable opportunities for our youth. 

Please contact me if you have any question about  our organization, our programs, or issues relating to children and the Internet. 

Sincerely, Bruce Moody I-SAFE America  brucemoody@email.com 

Classified Ad: Climbing Partners Wanted

I plan to be in Nepal from March 1, 2000 onwards and I am looking for 2 other climbing partners to climb various "trekking" peaks (i.e., Lobuje,  Pisang or anything else that can be done in minimalist alpine style) around the Everest, Annapurna Circuit or Sanctuary areas.  I'm a former member of the Mazamas mountaineering club and have climbed a fair bit in North and South America.   If interested, contact me at joelawyer@hotmail.com so we can work out details. Climb On!  Joe Gourneau

    Classified Ad Policies

Buying & Selling on the Net

Be careful !

When someone buys "something" over the Internet from someone else, they are usually dealing with someone they know little or nothing about. The buyer has no way of ensuring that when they send money to the seller, the desired goods will arrive. Also, for person or company to sell something over the Internet, they have no guarantee that once they send the goods, the buyer will live up to their end of the bargain by sending the negotiated funds. The basic problem here is that when dealing with someone over the Internet, you have no idea who they are and whether they are trustworthy.

There are a couple of ways to deal with this. The easiest is to simply request that the shipper send your stuff C.O.D. This way, you don't pay until the product arrives. The shipper is protected as well since he doesn't risk shipping the parts and never getting paid. Other  alternatives is i.e. i-Escrow, to solve that problem by being the Escrow Agent in the transaction. Both buyer and seller will then be able to safely give each other what they want using i-Escrow as the impartial third party. (Note: Charges for using the i-Escrow service are not included in any prices unless specified by the seller..)

Everest News reserves the right to reject any and all ads submitted at its sole judgement, including ads from persons or companies that complaints has been received on.

Submitting your Ad

Submit your ad to

How to pay for your ad

2 Personal Ads per year are free for EverestNews.com Members, subject to change.

Commercial Ads rate will vary depending on the Ad. Submit your ad or request to   and you will be provided a Price Quote.

Classified Ad Etiquette


It's OK to negotiate price, but don't be insulting. Be reasonable and nice in negotiations.  Make offers that are reasonable. If the seller refuses it move on.

Once the buyer and sellers agrees on price and shipping arrangements, stick by your agreement. Don't leave the seller hanging because you changed your mind. Send your payment immediately per the agreed upon terms !

If extenuating circumstances come about, notify the seller at once and offer an apology. Know that you might not receive a refund ! Be careful !

Check your e-mail !


Be reasonable in your pricing. Even if the item you are selling is brand new, you must recognize that there is a difference between a private deal such as this and buying from a reputable establishment. If someone is willing to buy from you, don't expect them to pay you the same amount they could pay a retail establishment. After all, a retail business usually takes credit cards, stands behind their products, has a reputation, etc. The buyer doesn't know you from Adam and is taking some risk. You must include that risk in your pricing.

Check your email. If you don't respond to messages, you're wasting the time of the buyer, you're wasting bandwidth, you're wasting the webmaster's time, and you're wasting your own time. Read your mail and answer it !

Don't be offended at lowball offers. You should expect buyers to offer you less than your full asking price. Often they will offer you unacceptable amounts. If an offer is unacceptable, don't get too upset. Simply send a reply with a counter-offer and be done with it.

On occasion, some miscreant will send you a nasty flame about your price or your item. Just delete it and forget it. It isn't worth getting worked up over. Not everyone has class. Not everyone is honorable. Not everyone has a brain. However, abuse can and should be submitted to abuse@ the e-mail company. For example if you receive something you feel strongly about and/or spam from a hotmail user simply forward the message to abuse@hotmail.com for yahoo abuse@yahoo.com etc...

Once you agree on a price and shipping arrangements, stick by your agreement. Don't leave the buyer hanging because you changed your mind. Ship the item immediately per your agreement.

If you are climbing or trekking with a company. Check them out and know your limits. The possibility of death at HA climbing is a reality not a possibility. Be careful !



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