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  SummitClimb Aconcagua Dispatch: Summits

The final traverse between Campo Berlin (5950 metres/19,550 feet) and the Canaleta, which begins around 6600 meters/21,650 feet. It is an easy hike. Sometimes there is snow (Dan Mazur).

Hi, this is the SummitClimb February Aconcagua team calling in with a dispatch for the 14th.

We have some good news. We reached the summit of Aconcagua yesterday on the 13th in the afternoon.  That was Artur, John and Steve who all reached the summit together. After a long night痴 rest, we are now packing up to move down to basecamp on the 14th.

The plan is for hiking out on the 15th from basecamp. All of the members are feeling good. The other members are safe down at basecamp waiting for the team to arrive.

We値l send more news once we池e back in Mendoza. Otherwise, everyone is safe and feeling good. Thanks for following along our expedition. Bye.

Hi, this is the SummitClimb February Aconcagua team calling in with a dispatch for the 11th.

Everyone is doing well. Three people are down below at basecamp now; Janine, Ed, and Gerry.

John, Steve, and Artur are at camp 1 and doing just fine. We did a carry yesterday to camp 2, dropped off a load there, and came back down here to camp 1 to enjoy a rest day. Tomorrow we plan to climb to camp 2 for the night. Hopefully if the weather is good, we値l make an attempt for the summit on the 13th.

We値l call in some more news as soon as we have some. Thanks for following along our Aconcagua expedition and we値l talk to you soon. Bye, bye

9 February, 2009: Hi, this is the SummitClimb February Aconcagua team with a dispatch for the 9th.

We have been busy on the mountain carrying equipment to camp 1 the last few days. Then we came back down to basecamp and took a rest day, before half the team headed back up to carry more to camp 1.

Gerry, Ed, and Janine have all elected to stay at basecamp today. They are going to wait for the rest of the team to come down before heading back up the mountain.

Everyone else is up at camp 1. We're either going to take a rest day up here tomorrow or try to do a carry to camp 2, depending on what the weather is doing. Right now it is snowing a bit, so we'll see what it looks like in the morning.

Everyone is doing well, staying healthy and looking forward to moving higher up on the mountain. We'll contact you again soon when we have more news. Thanks for following along our February 2009 Aconcagua expedition. -Ryan Waters

6 February, 2009 : Team in basecamp. Moving up to camp 1.

Hi, this is the SummitClimb February Aconcagua team calling in with a dispatch for the 6th.

We wanted to tell everyone that we reached basecamp on the 5th. Everyone is feeling good and healthy. Today we took a rest day here at basecamp.

Tomorrow on Saturday the 7th we plan on doing our first carry to camp 1. We値l climb up to that location, drop equipment and then come back down to basecamp. On the following day, Sunday, we plan to take another rest day in preparation for going to the upper mountain next week.

It痴 supposed to be a little bit windy Saturday and Sunday, which works well with our plan. We can supply our camps during the windy spells and come down here to rest in basecamp while the wind blows itself out.  We値l be going up next week to do some more work on the mountain.

We値l give you a call back and update you soon. Thanks for following along our expedition. Bye, bye.

Plaza Argentina, our basecamp for both routes, is located at 4200 meters/13,800 feet (Otto Sluiter). 

1 February 2009

Hola from Mendoza,

The February SummitClimb Aconcagua Expedition is underway with all the teams arrival in Argentina. Tonight we are having a team meeting and welcome asado or barbeque in the hotel. The weather has been extremely nice so far in Mendoza with very warm and mild weather. We will be gaining our permits tomorrow morning and then taking our private transport to our hotel in Pentitentes tomorrow at 2 pm. There we will relax, repack a few things and then enjoy some nice pizza and beds for the last night for a couple weeks. Our plan is to start hiking on the morning of the 3rd approximately 4 hours to the Pampa de las Lenas campsite. We will update you upon reaching basecamp on the 5th and let everyone know how the team is doing.

  • Ms. Janine Ardohain-USA
  • Artur Olender-Poland
  • Gerald Silliman-USA
  • John Hansen-USA
  • Ed Culbertson-USA
  • Steve West-USA
  • Ryan Waters-Leader-USA
  • Dave Elmore-Leader-USA


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