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  Gerfried Goschl  8000plus K2 Expedition, 2011: Successful rescue operation on Gasherbrum

Last week we completed the second acclimatization. All participants slept for two nights at camp 1 (5900m). At G2 could be increased up to about 6200m due to avalanche danger. On the G1, we opened three cliques (Louis Guenther, Gerfried; Alex, Juanra, Tamayo, Hans, Stefan, Rick) establish a safe and very direct route through the Icefall to Gasherbrum La and have our second camp (6350m).
Today, all G2 participants to camp 1 have risen. The G1 group was supposed to direct early morning climb to camp 2.
At 07.00 clock us an emergency, the Swiss group Kobler reached by Ernst Marti. A Pakistani carrier of a Japanese group should be saved hard altitude sickness. The Japanese team was unable to help its wearer (!!!!). Luckily we had brought into the emergency oxygen bearing 1. The moment was now able to save the life of the carrier. Kobler The team organized the first shipment.
Immediately, Louis Rousseau and Jose Carlos Tamayo explained prepared with emergency medications and a rescue sled to break. I took on the task of coordinating the rescue operation. At 09:00 clock started our second rescue team on schedule compiled by Stefan MD Zechmann with six men in our group (Günther Unterberger, Hans Wenzl, Alex Txikon, Juanra Madariaga, Mario Vielmo and Silvano Forgiarini). Unfortunately for the time being no other team was willing to help. Thankfully, announced soon after a small Italian team (Nicola Campani, MD, Anna Lisa and her Pakistani Vioritti Koch) to ascend it. ALL other groups here at base camp and on the mountain, including many famous high-altitude climbers, refused any help or left it with lip service! Pakistani media was even forbidden to help stay fit for his team!
At 11:00 clock reached our van the victim to around 5500m and the highly sought Kobler team could be replaced. Louis began another emergency, stabilized the victim and together with four carriers and Tamayo, he could deny the further removal.

Soon after they met on our second rescue team, which had now joined forces with the Italians and our MD Stefan was able to examine the victim or provide.
At 13:00 clock we were able to organize another, much-needed emergency oxygen and send the Pakistani chef of the Japanese high. This would even prevent a participant of the first Japanese group?! In deteriorating weather, the now 16-strong rescue team climbed slowly up and down with great patience by the glacier. In the base camp we are building together with the doctor of the Pakistan Army, ASIP MD, an emergency hospital with a Gamov-bag and other emergency oxygen.


Finally arrived exhausted at 16:30 clock the whole team, but very happy, the base camp. The most important thing is successful, a person is able to return to his family. At a dinner in our camp, the entire action discussed and celebrated too.
With great pride I would like to thank to thank all participants in this bailout. These people is a life much more at heart than any selfish behavior. They do not look away like so many others. It may be retrospectively deny many, but everyone has known about the emergency!!
With warm regards from the Gasherbrum Base Camp
Gerfried Göschl


Unfortunately I was unable to send a technical problem not before an update.

Tonight it was the first snow. Approximately 10 cm cover our base camp, however, seems to reflect the sun hours already and it thaws. Unfortunately had to cancel Guido Pagani to personal and health reasons, he joined the expedition, and together with our accompanying trekkers the return journey. On Sunday 26 June began for us the first working day on the mountain. All 24 participants got into the common stock 1 for G1 (8080m) and G2 (8034m) on 5900m. We spent a first night and came back on Monday morning, tired but happy to base camp. Thus the first important step is done.

 Tuesday, was released together with our Pakistani team accompanying the entire base camp of old rubbish. We are also still and resting on Thursday 29 June, once again ascend to the second camp on Friday to G1 and G2 (approximately 6400m) to set up.
Saturday we want to return back to base camp.
With warm regards from the Gasherbrum Base Camp
Gerfried Göschl



In the base camp (5050m) 

The base camp of the big expedition has come completely furnished. Since the arrival on Thursday has been feverishly working on it together, it is as cozy as it is possible under the circumstances to make. Tomorrow Gerfried and Co. early use of the good weather to spend a first night on the mountain. Goes through a clever thing to break up the mountain glacier to camp 1 (5900m).  After returning on Monday, we expect a first detailed progress report. Also, the planned interview should work then. At this hour the climbers enjoy a well deserved lunch. After that, Gerfried, he gets a haircut from the barber


First news on 8000plus K2 Expedition 2011

Tomorrow, 12 June, it's that time again, I break for the next trip to Pakistan. This time I lead a 25 engineers international expedition to the eight thousand meter Gasherbrum 1 (8080m), Gasherbrum 2 (8034m) and K2 (8611m).
The participants of the 8000plus G1 - G2 - K2 Expedition 2011:
Austria: Gerfried Göschl (leader, 6), Günther Unterberger (2), Hans Wenzl (3), Dr. Stefan Zechmann, Otto Harrer (1), Hubert Leitner (1), Anton Rumpl, Karl Leitner (1)
Canada: Louis Rousseau (co-leader, 2), Justin Dubé-Fahmy, Sylvain Menard, Marc-André Béliveau
Germany: Norbert Linz (1)
Great Britain: Rick Allen (4)
Italy: Giuseppe Pompili (2), Adriano Dal Cin (3), Guido Pagani, Silvano Forgiarini, Mario Vielmo (8)
Netherlands: Elio Schijlen (1)
Spain: Alex Txikon (7), Jose Carlos Tamayo (4), Juanra Madariaga (4)
Switzerland: Kilian Volken (3), Willy Imstepf

In parentheses you will find the number of previously boarded 8000. You see, we are again a very experienced team.  I am delighted to be back with so many long-time mountaineers be on the way :-)
 My personal goal with my friends Günther Unterberger, Louis Rousseau and Alex Txikon, that I make again the ABC team to use the Gasherbrum 1 for acclimatization and prepare for the debate on K2 to climb a new route from the east wall .
 My big thanks goes out to my esteemed co-sponsors and partners, but also to Dr. Karl Gable (ZAMG Innsbruck) for the immensely important weather service, and to colleagues and my wife Heike Martin Göschl green forest. Martin and Heike will hold back the website up to date :-)  I wistfully say goodbye to my young daughters Hannah and Helena, they will leave me insane?
 I hope you follow our expedition and keep our fingers crossed!
  In the Annex, a farewell picture of my family!
  Yours sincerely
  Gerfried Göschl


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