27 April, 2011
Hi, this is Max Kausch writing a dispatch for the Cho Oyu Spring Expedition 2011. Today we finally saw Cho Oyu for the first time. Everyone woke up feeling well and said goodbye to the North Col and Everest BC teams. They are heading now to Everest and will be there for another 12 days. We all made good friends and will miss them a lot! Good luck guys! Here at Chinese Basecamp it's about -5C and it's snowing right now. We just had a delicious meal made by Dorje and the kitchen boys. They made us pizza! Everyone loved it. So far all our members are adapting very well with the altitude. The cooks are constantly filling the thermos bottles with hot water and this is keeping everyone super hydrated. Up here at 4900m, this is extremely important because of the acclimatization. We all look forward to meeting Enrico Cambini, our last member who has been traveling through Tibet and will join us tomorrow morning. Regards from Tibet, Max Kausch

26 April, 2011
Hi, this is Max Kausch writing a dispatch for the Cho Oyu, North Col and Everest Base Camp Expeditions Spring 2011. We left Nyalam yesterday morning and drove for about 4 hours to Tingri. We stopped several times on the way to observe the beautiful landscape and mountains of the Tibetan plateau. As soon as we arrived to Tingri, the CTMA showed us the new hotel they built here. It is quite amazing to be at 4400m and sleep in a comfortable room with large beds and huge windows. The Chinese have invested a lot of money in this place so the climbers and trekkers can be comfortable while acclimatizing. We had Chinese food for lunch and walked around town for a while. Everyone is getting along here. We are 17 people, from 3 different expeditions.Yesterday we figured that between all 17, we can communicate in more than 25 languages!! Our EBC member, Mr Shivesh Ram, speaks Mandarin and often helps us at restaurants so we can get what we want. Our North Col member, Mr. Thomas Sefranek, is a dentist and treated a tooth filling on Mr Jurg Merz, our Cho Oyu member. Like I said, everyone is getting along very well. The EBC and North Col teams will say goodbye to our Cho Oyu team tomorrow as the Cho Oyu expedition is heading to BC. The sherpas already went to Cho Oyu BC to set tents and find a good spot for us. Our amazing Cho Oyu staff are:

    * Lakpa Tendu Sherpa (climbing sherpa)
    * Dawa Jangbu Sherpa (climbing sherpa)
    * Phai Lama Tamang (climbing sherpa)
    * Nima Dorje Lama (cook)
    * Chimmi (kitchen assistant)
    * Sonam (kitchen assistant)

Today we had a sunny morning here in Tingri. After breakfast everyone will trek to a 5000m peak nearby. This will really help on the acclimatization as we'll sleep at 5000m tomorrow. All the members from the 3 teams haven't had altitude problems so this means our acclimatization plan has worked very well. Thank you all for following the news at SummitClimb Regards from Tibet,
Max Kausch