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  Summit Climb's Dhaulagiri Expedition: Base Camp

12 September -

The team arrived in basecamp today and everyone is feeling fine. We will have a puja ceremony in the next few days, as well as rest and acclimate to the rising altitude. All members and sherpas are doing well and getting excited for the upcoming training sessions in basecamp as well as working our way up the mountain over the following weeks. We have only seen one other expedtiion so far here in basecamp or on the mountain, a Spanish team. We'll report in again soon after we've settled down for some well deserved rest. Thanks for following our expedition!! Dan Mazur - expedition leader

11 September -

Yesterday our team arrived in Italian Camp at around 3660m.

Today we will have a rest day here and a chance to wash our clothing, shave and just relax. We have an awesome view of a huge waterfall and Dhaulagiri V. Tomorrow we will continue our trek to Base camp at around 4700m. Some of our staff are already up there preparing base camp for us, so if we arrive tomorrow some shelter will be there.

So far the trek has been amazing, by far one of the most beautiful treks I've ever done. After a long and bumpy drive to Beni 830m, we were able to drive all the way to Babichour 950m the next morning. A big landslide blocked the road there and we had to start trekking from there. We followed the road through small villages and beautiful rice paddies to Darapani at 1500m, where we spent our first night in tents. The next day we followed a small trail through the jungle to Khibang at 1850m. The trail goes through pretty dense forests, crossing rivers and landslides. Every now and then the forest opens up and we can see the most beautiful waterfalls. The village of Boghara at 2520m is the last real settlement here, after this it's all jungle and mountains.

The whole way up we didn't see any other tourists, so this is still the real Nepal!

The team is strong and is doing very well. We are a nice mix of nationalities and we have plenty of things to talk about at the dining and breakfast table.

Tomorrow we will head off to Base Camp and reach our destination. We are excited to go there and see what our home is going to be for the next month or so.

High Altitude Greetings,
Arnold Coster, Expedition leader

Hi this is Andrea calling with the dispatch for the SummitClimb Dhaulagiri expedition for Saturday 8th September.

We left the village of Bagar and we had a very beautiful trek across steep terrains with beautiful scenery. We arrived in the village of Doban Kartan at 2520 meters. We all enjoyed the trek, it was very beautiful. When we arrived it was very sunny and it was nice to do some laundry, get refreshed and to chill a little bit.

We also have a friendly dog that has been following us on the trip. All of the climbers are in good health and good spirits and we’re all having fun.

Tomorrow will probably be a long day as we head for the Italian camp and we’re all looking forward to another day of trekking. Bye

Hi this is Chris Bailey from Australia giving the Dhaulagiri update for Friday 7th.

We left Dobang yesterday morning for another full day of trekking. We followed a really nice trail and haven’t seen any other tourists since we left Kathmandu; it’s really remote out here. It’s very hot and humid and a lot of people look like they’ve been in the river all day; absolutely soaked in water. The trekking is really nice it’s very varied, the tracks aren’t very big and there’s a real sense of remoteness out here.

The group started to go a couple of different ways yesterday as well; one group took the scenic route which took a little bit longer but we all arrived in Boghara safely towards the end of the afternoon. A couple of people went and had a shower and a wash in the water pool in the river and everyone was very relaxed in the afternoon.

After dinner at night the local school came and gave us a bit of performance with lots of singing and dancing and we were all dragged up to dance along with the group at the end which was very nice.

Everyone is very excited at the moment and just really looking forward to getting to basecamp. It’s very enjoyable at the moment everyone is just concentrating on that so we’ll see what happens when we get there.

So that’s all for now – over and out.

6 September -
Hi this is Slavo from Slovakia and I’m a member of the Dhaulagiri expedition and I would like to provide a dispatch for yesterday (6th September).

We stayed overnight in a village called Dobang. We set up our tents in a football field by one of the schools, it was simply amazing seeing large numbers of people playing football, the local Nepalese guys are really good at football and it was nice to watch.

We had a good breakfast and then we set off for the mountains. The weather was good with some sunshine before noon then it was a cloudy afternoon and started raining at about 4pm but it wasn’t that bad. It was a little bit humid; more than most of us are used to.

We gained quite a lot of elevation but then we descended down again so overall we gained about 300m but it was a pretty tough job to get up there and downhill. Currently we are in a village called Dobang and we are ready to hit the road.

The weather looks good, slightly overcast which is good – not to hot and we are ready to set off.


5 September

Hello this is Matt Belman with SummitClimb's Dhaulagiri autumn expedition.

Yesterday we spent the night at a nice hotel in Beni and had breakfast. Then did a little provisioning and had a few hours bus drive which, was a little bumpy but pretty comfortable. We started walking at the end of the road where the landslide made a path and for a few hours.

There was a little bit of heat and after a few hours we stopped off and had lunch at a little settlement along the beautiful Marsyangdi river. The staff prepared a delicious lunch with lots of interesting food, rice and veg and good drinks.

We continued to walk along a nice road and trail for a few hours. Some were fast and others a little slower but we all kept ourselves well hydrated as the temperatures were quite warm. The sun stayed hidden behind the clouds so it was nice and cool and we didn’t have any rain.

We stopped after a few hours in a town called Darbang. The porters found us a beautiful place to set up our camp in a small yard where many many children came out to meet us, see our tents, cameras and toys/gadgets that we have here. We enjoyed a little bit of internet, another delicious dinner prepared by the SummitClimb staff and then rested. Our altitude is 3800ft / 1200m.

Today has started with blue skies and the river is moving swiftly alongside of us. In the distance we can see a 7000m peak, white against the blue sky with a few light clouds. We’ve had our breakfast; eggs and salami and plenty of tea. Now we’re all packed up and ready for another nice stroll for anywhere between 5 to 9 hours. So everything’s well here, we're all feeling good and getting very excited about the trip ahead of us. We’ll be calling in with another dispatch as soon as we can.

Thank you

4 September -

Hi this is Violetta Pontinen speaking, I’m from Poland. Today is the 4th September and I’m calling with the dispatch for SummitClimb for the Dhaulagiri expedition. We started in Kathmandu very early in the morning and we came to a small village called Beni, which is about 800m above sea level. Our trip was very interesting with absolutely breath-taking views, we crossed a few rivers and a few bridges and although it was a little bit difficult we got to Beni safely and are very happy. We all feel good and admired the views. The trip lasted 8 hours and tomorrow we are going to our next destination.

Now I’d like to say something in Polish and in Finnish (click the audio link above to hear)


3 September -

The entire team met for an informative get-to-know-you expedition orientation meeting at the excellent Shakti Hotel. Then we went out to a few of Kathamandu's more than 100 outdoor gear shops to buy the equipment we needed. Great prices! At the end of the day, we all met up for a delicious dinner on the rooftop of 3rd eye restaurant, while Deha, our loyal office staff, configured our satphones to use twitter. So please watch out for our twitter messages coming to you live from the mountain!

2 September -

Today we received the permit at the Ministry of Tourism. Then we had a delicious celebratory dinner with the team at Northfield's in Thamel

1 September -

Today expedition leader Arnold Coster and our 8 member Sherpa staff packed and prepared all day at the Kathmandu SummitClimb Headquarters. The weather was good and we got a lot done!

Team Roster:
Dan Mazur (leader) - US/UK
Arnold Coster (leader) - Netherlands
Ms. Violetta Pontinen - Poland
Fredrik Johansson - Sweden
Jerry Gladh - Sweden
Andrea Rigotti - Australia
Slavo Fila - Slovak Republic
Juerg Merz - Switzerland
Robert Mooney - Ireland
Richie Maybank - UK
Matt Belman - USA

Karel Masek - Czech Republic
Dennis Miller - USA
Chris Bailey - UK

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