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  Cho Oyo, 2013:  Safely returned from C2 to Advanced Basecamp

21 September

Written by Juergen Landmann: Tag 21 Haben wir alle geschlafen, wie die Babys, mollig warm und butterweich. Jen ach Wetterbericht werden wir nun 2-3 Tage regenerieren, uns der Koerperpflege witmen und dann erneut den Aufstieg angehen. Ich fuehle mich gesund und kraeftig, viele liebe Gruesse nach Hause, euer Lander

20 September -

Today's Tweet from Expedition Leader:

Safely returned from C2 to Advanced Basecamp. All are ok. It's snowing and windy here. After 3 days rest, we hope to try for the top!

Friday 20th September - Rest in 'ABC'

Today we awoke to the usual sound of the morning "drums", let me explain, in the morning we have a light dusting of snow and ice over every tent from the snowfall during the night and the noise of a drum like sound can be heard as everyone tries to clear their tents from the inside and get rid of this unwanted cold ice and snow.
Then it is tea and hot water in our tents, helpfully supplied by our very good SHERPAS. After this we are summoned to the canteen by the cook where some delicious food has been prepared for us, such as pancakes, eggs, and so on. Truly for the altitude and the facilities that the cook has at his disposal then I must admit we have a great breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After breakfast we are free to acclimatize at our own validation and we then we can have a lovely hot shower, (after so many days, week), I cannot tell you how good this feels. We shave, wash clothes, and fortunately the weather is on our side and we can hang our wet, washed clothing out to dry in the breezy yet very sunny air. Now that we are back in ABC, (advance base camp), we are able to SKYPE, check e-mail, and we are very fortunate to have these rest days.

The whole team seems to be acclimatizing well, and off course our gaze is forever looking upward towards the CHO OYU and the summit or ultimate goal.

Many teams pass our tents as we are resting and eating, they are heading to camp 2, where we have already been to, and off course we shall proceed there once again shortly.

So back to our daily routine of preparing and acclimatizing, we have lunch, (once more a delicious affair), then dinner, (again equally superb). After this we watch some movies on our DVD player, and then it is a good night to everyone and on with the head torches to make our way off to our individual tents. A few pages of a book and night has befallen us once more. We await another day ! Written by James Grieve from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Written by Juergen Landmann: Tag 20. schon 6.30 gibt es Tee und Porridge. Das Lager wird abgebrochen und nur ein Depot mit Sachen fuer C1 zurueckgelassen. Wir brechen im totalen White-Out auf, weiter nach oben. Den Weg zu finden ist schwierig. Schade um die erhoffte Aussicht. Dazu kommt die ueble Schinderei im immer wieder unter den Fuessen knietief einbrechenden Schnee. Die Sherpa, die die meisten Lasten schleppen, ( ich habe 16kg, die Jungs mehr als das doppelte) leisten uebermenschliches. Camp 2 auf etwa 7000m erreichen wir gegen Mittag, kurze Rast, Depot mit allen Zelten und persoenlichen Dingen und Nahrungsmitteln verstauen und schon beginnt der lange Abstieg.Leider sind die Sichtverhaeltnisse immernoch bei teils 10m. Das Wichtigste ist jetzt, die immer wieder zugewehte Spur nicht zu verlieren. Zurueck am Depot im C1.5 die boese Ueberraschung, Raben und Kraehen haben sich auf der Suche nach Fressbaren ueber unsere Hinterlassenschaften hergemacht. Alle Saecke sind angehackt, aufgerissen und das Innere nach draussen gezogen. Zum Glueck haelt sich der Schaden in Grenzen. Wir verstauen also unsere Habseligkeiten im Rucksack und steigen weiter zu C1 ab. Hier kann die schwere Bergausruestung und die Steigeisen abgelegt und ein weiteres Depot errichtet werden. In leichrerer Montur geht es hinunter zum ABC, was wir erst um 20.00 erreichen, ein langer Tag. Jimmy empfaengt uns mit heissem Saft un als alle da sind, kredenzt uns unser Koch Dorje ein leckeres Abendessen. In der Nacht zu

19 September -

Thursday 19 September - camp 2 to advanced basecamp.

This was to be the hardest day physically of the expedition so far. Our plan was to climb up to camp Two @ 7100 metres / 23,000 feet, leave a deposit of expedition equipment, to be used later and then descend all the way to ABC.

We started the new route towards camp 2, steep at first, then more walking than climbing. During the day the clouds closed in, so we had only the little flags and footprints of a previous climber to lead us to the camp.
There are many false "final" slopes before the climber really arrives at camp 2.

After leaving the things we would later need higher on the mountain to camp 2, we went down. We picked up the rest of what we had left in camp 1.5 and continued. The ice wall needed three short but easy rappels. In camp 1 we left the high mountain gear and went on to walk down the horrible hill. It started to snow and while we were on the glacier it became dark. Walking in the light of headlamps and on snowy rocks was much slower than in normal conditions, but we finally arrived in ABC, had dinner and slept solidly after our completed acclimatization round. Written by Matti Sunell from Helsinki, Finland.

Written by Juergen Landmann: Tag 19 ist wieder ein Ruhetag Wir versuchen die Sonnestrahlen zwischen den Windboehen zu geniessen. Gestern sind hier 4 Sherpa beim Verlegen der Fixseile von einer Lawine runtergeraeumt worden, gluecklicherweise nur 3 Verletzte. Einem leisteten wir Erste Hilfe. Jangbu und Ang Pasang, unsere beiden Sherpa haben heute einen neue Route, weiter rechts, laenger aber dafuer viel sicherer Seilversichert



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